Decorating Drawers To Suit a Room

I love a trip to Ikea, there is always something I want to buy! Or need to buy (at least that’s what I tell my husband!) They have so many great items, but some might not exactly suit your needs.If you want to lose yourself for a few hours take a look at the Ikea Hackers website – people have done amazing things with various bits of furniture from Ikea! I personally wanted to have a set of drawers in the ensuite which would match the bedroom colour I wanted. I wanted somewhere to put my make up and various things that cluttered the sides. I found the Moppe mini chest of drawers and thought they would be perfect!

I really wanted to have a soothing colour in the bedroom, and fell in love with the duck egg colours in Laura Ashley. The two sets of drawers I had chosen were small, so I knew I only needed a little paint. I bought the tester pots at Laura Ashley for duck egg and light duck egg; tester pots are a perfect size and do not cost a lot. There are so many varieties at DIY stores that you can find a colour to suit your needs/mood! Next I asked for some duck egg wall paper cut offs from the duck egg range at Laura Ashley, although again you can ask for cut offs at DIY stores to suit your design. Best of all cut offs are free!!

I then painted the drawers inside and out, everywhere apart from the front of the drawers. I painted one set light duck egg and the second set just duck egg. The tester pots were the perfect amount of paint! I then made sure I had enough wall paper cut off to cover the drawer fronts. I measured up to make sure the pattern would line up when the drawers were in place. I carefully cut out the drawer front shapes; you could use either a craft knife or a sharp pair of scissors, I used scissors. When this is done I mixed PVA glue with a bit of water and attached the wall paper to the drawer fronts. I left it all 24 hours to dry. Once dry I then varnished it all and left it a further 24 hour to dry again. I was thrilled with the finished product! All I had to do then was convince my husband that we needed to redecorate our bedroom!!

drawers 2

Creating a Nursery

When you are pregnant no matter how hard you try, you definitely hit a ‘nesting’ phase. Quite often this involves creating a beautiful nursery! I mean Danny is 6 months soon and yet to spend more than 5 minutes in his room, but still at least it is lovely! Haha! Quite often you have a particular character or theme you would like to follow and it is just knowing how to make it come across. There are lots of stickers and wallpaper you can buy to put on the walls of your nursery, but that can become quite costly quite fast. We chose not to find out the gender of our baby when I was pregnant, so we were looking to use a neutral character or design for our nursery. I absolutely love  drawing and so decided to have a go at creating one of my favourite characters, Humphrey from Humphrey’s corner, on our nursery walls. If you are not confident at drawing yourself, check to see if any of your friends are happy to have a go. Alternatively, my Mother in law borrowed an old OAP to project an image onto the wall and then just traced around it.

I used an old Humphrey’s corner calendar to practice the images first. Then I selected three designs I liked to draw directly onto the wall using pencil.

Once I was happy with the drawings I used Dulux tester pots to paint onto the wall directly. I used black and white tester pots to darken and lighten colours as it suited me. I made sure I used brushes of different sizes to help create shading and show the delicate details in the designs. Once I was finished painting I used a black permanent marker to draw around the edge to make the designs sharp. It did take some time as I was struggling to get up and down with PGP, but it very much was a labour of love! To complete the look I used three of the pictures from the calendar and put them into three white frames from Ikea and displayed them on the fourth wall above a chest of white drawers. The cot bedding and the curtains were all Humphrey’s Corner designs I found on Izziwotnot a fabulous website with some lovely items for your nursery.

Which designs did you go for in your nursery? How would you suggest decorating the nursery to expectant parents?

Giving dining furniture new life

I was looking at my dining room furniture this summer when I decided that we needed a change. I didn’t like that the seats were worn and stained and felt that the dining set needed some attention (ok, so maybe I was “nesting” somewhat!) When you want to redecorate, sometimes the smallest changes make the biggest difference and impact on a space. We had already painted a feature wall red; my husbands choice, but actually a fabulous colour and as he did all the painting I didn’t mind!! The blue and red striped chair covers were what really needed changing.

I visited Dunelm Mill to explore their fabrics and see if there were any that leapt out at me. As luck would have it there was a fabulous red material which I thought would work. When recovering dining chairs you do not need a massive amount of material, and the 3m I bought was a bit too much! Still I wanted to be safe than sorry!

All that you need is:

  • A screwdriver
  • A pair of sharp scissors
  • A staple gun
  • Staples
  • Staple remover
  • Your choice of material

Being a teacher I already had these items, but they are easy to get hold of at shops like Staples. You need to unscrew the chair seats and use the staple remover to remove the previous cover (if you have covered them before!) if this is the first covering you have done, then this job has been done for you! Place the material in a large flat space; such as the table or the floor, and then lay out the seats top down so you can ensure you cut enough material for each. Make sure you pull the material tight when you are stapling. It doesn’t matter where you start the stapling, but I found the straight back the easiest place to start! If there is too much material in the corners to staple effectively then simply cut away some of the bulk, being careful not to cut too much away. Once you have stapled the whole way round and it is secure, screw the newly covered seat back to the chair.

It really is that simple! The dining set has a new lease of life, without having to be replaced. After I had recovered my set I had many people comment on how great it was looking and some even query if I had new chairs! Best part is, if I get tired of the red and want to change the colour of the room again, I just have to recover the chairs to match….tricky part would be getting my husband to repaint the walls!!