Gardening and The Great British Weather!

We have officially hit British summer time! Can’t you tell? Rain, floods, wind and in some parts of Scotland, snow. Ahh….I’ll just reach for the sun cream now!! Still, we managed a BBQ in the grey clouds yesterday for Father’s day, where we enjoyed a delicious cookie pudding! It was great, but did remind me how much more we need to do in the garden!

We did make a cracking start last year (I say we, I mostly mean my husband and our amazing friends and family as I was out of action growing a, not so little, baby!) The massive hedges were removed, the ground leveled and then lawn put down, a back bed was created using sleepers, and lovely purple slate was put down to create a low maintenance bed under the trees. This year I have managed to plant the bed up, with help from my mum, which really makes it look like a loved garden! I loved choosing all the beautiful plants, and now I am just learning which ones I have to protect from the slugs! (Oh my beautiful Lupin!) Still we have a long way to go and lots of clearing before we can say we have it how we want it. My favourite part of outdoors at the moment is our table and chairs, we have the Rattan cube table and chairs, which sits 8 comfortably and really worked for the BBQ yesterday!

There are other things on my wish list though (I do seem good at wish lists!!) I would love decking in the bottom corner of the garden with some lights in it, I always think that looks great! We have a swing-seat that needs a bit of TLC and a new cover making for it (ahh better learn a bit more about sewing! I spy a new blog post coming up!!) I think it would be a great space to sit on and admire the garden from.

Decking lights

We have some lovely solar lights in the flower beds that look amazing at night time. I’m hoping that we will be able to use the swing seat on the decking as the nights get darker in the Autumn, the lights create an amazing relaxing space and I could drink tea (or mulled wine!!) to keep me warm! I would also like a new patio……but I feel that one is a few years down the line!

Solar Lights

The final space is the children’s space I want to create for my boy! Now Daddy has been working hard creating a mud kitchen, there is still some work to be done to complete it, but it is such a good start to the space! Although he is too small now, it won’t be long before he is using it and we want the space to be ready for him before he is too big!! It is a space I am excited to be creating, I want him to have so many adventures there. The garden is turning into a space for the whole family, which is something I am very happy to see unfolding! I think it will turn into a place we love to spend time as a family.

What works well in your garden? How have you created a family space?

Garden Project

We moved into our house a couple of years ago and one of the first projects my husband wanted to start was the garden. As beautiful as the garden was, it would have taken a lot of time to care for and was not a child friendly space. We were very clear in our minds that our next step was to try for a baby and so my husband wanted to make a start on the space. Garden projects take a great deal of time, energy and money, so it is good to spread out the cost and the labour! We had a massive bush at the back of the garden and so we wanted to remove it. I would recommend begging (bribing!) friends and family to help where possible! We were lucky and a mixture of friends and family helped strip our garden back to almost a blank canvas.

Clean, clear spaces and areas were important to us. We wanted a large, flat lawn where our baby could play and run around, but we also wanted to keep an area for plants. We used sleepers as a way of creating a back bed (this is a future project for me to fill and design!) We also had a large area to the side of the lawn that we didn’t want to plant up. It already had some trees in it, so we wanted to make sure it was a low maintenance area. At the time we were both working full time and we did not want to spend all our spare time maintaining a garden and our intention, when we had a baby, was to spend as much time with them as possible!! We put a membrane down and purple slate, which adds some colour and interest, but doesn’t require constant attention.

IMG_20160313_115843      IMG_20160313_115800.jpg

That is as far as the project has reached so far. Development was slowed with the arrival of Autumn and our son! However, now the seasons are marching on we will be returning to our big project! We have ideas of decking, or at least an area we can sit and enjoy the sun and a BBQ with family and friends, plants to encourage wildlife for Danny to explore when he is bigger, fruit (strawberries in particular) and I have reserved an area to turn into an outdoor learning area for Danny! I have many ideas for this area, I find pinterest to be a fantastic sight for collecting thoughts and ideas! I hope in the coming weeks to begin this area and share with you all the stages of development, hopefully inspiring you to develop a part of your own garden for your children to play in and have ownership of.

Until then I will sip my tea, watch the rain and collect more ideas for the garden to use on a drier day!

IMG_20160313_115831.jpg    IMG_20160313_115834.jpg