Keeping Children Safe In A Crowd

I have various different blogs and pages I now follow that constantly pop up on my Twitter and Facebook feeds (I could spend days/weeks/years reading it all!) It is feeling fantastic, like I am getting fully involved in the blogging world (*waves at fellow bloggers*) I love seeing what others are up to, pictures that make them smile, and causes that really matter to them! Huffington post is a page that pops up a lot on these feeds and often has great content. One that popped up today for me was about keeping children safe in a crowd when out and about in the holidays. It has some super tips from the California Police department; such as taking a picture of your child on the day so you know what clothes they are wearing, and writing your phone number on them!

Although this isn’t an issue for me right now……the boy has started crawling, literally today! (Yay!) But I think it will be a while before I have to worry about him walking off in a crowd. I do think about this a lot, because I was that child! I was the one my poor mother had to keep getting announcements put out across the whole store. I can vividly remember being a small child and being in my own world, when I remembered I should be holding someone’s hand I put it up to the nearest adult. It was not my mother, but a perfect stranger! I had no idea where she was (probably locating a security guard or putting out yet another announcement for me!) I was a pest at hiding underneath clothes racks too, I thought it was great fun! The strangest game I would play would be to go and find my “real family” (umm, store mannequins to you and me) My family STILL laugh about that! I think every trip must have been filled with anxiety about whether or not I would still be there 5 seconds later!! I think I’ve got better…….although, my husband doesn’t like shopping with me……come to think of it, it is because of my tendency to wander?!  Hmm maybe I never did grow out of it? And I have been known to hide in the wardrobe and jump out to scare my long suffering husband!

Do you have any stories about children wandering off? What safety tips can you advise to others? For adults I’m very pro everyone wearing an “if found return to the pub” sign!

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Always Learning – 5 Tips For A New Blogger

I am a firm believer that we are always learning, and that there is always more to learn about anything! Parenting for example, I don’t believe there is ever a point when you think “I am the best parent I can be, I don’t have to do anymore”. I love learning new things and have lots of different hobbies I dabble in, like scrapbooking, baking, drawing and I like to find new things to try and develop my skills. If you are reading this, then you are reading my new hobby! I’ve always loved writing; creating poems, attempting stories and now blogging! I love it and want to keep developing it and my writing skills. Somethings I have learnt so far:

  1. Set up all your accounts. Not just the blog! I mean, email address, Twitter page, Facebook page, Instagram, Pinterest and any other forms of social media you want to use. It is easier to set them all up at the start and get them working together. I still need to do more on Pinterest, but like I say – I’m still learning! I will get there I am sure! Some blogs I follow (like Emma and 3) also use Youtube accounts and post videos to engage readers.
  2. Write from the heart. A blog isn’t just about writing anything. You have to be able to write passionately about a topic, whether that be family life, fashion, baking, whatever it is, you have to love it! You connect more with your readers if you write as yourself, being honest and from the heart makes people want to hear what you have to say. A blog from @motherhoodreal about things that drive her mad I could totally relate to and genuinely made me laugh out loud! It definitely makes me want to read more of her blog!
  3. Read, read, read! Read and connect with as many blogs as you can. The blogging community, in my experience, is friendly and others want you to succeed. I think that is the beauty of all sharing a hobby and being able to share it so easy through the wonderus internet! Follow other blogs and connect with them. You are able to share a “blogs I follow” widget on your own website. Well established blogs generally have a ‘tips’ page on writing blogs. The Reading Residence is a lovely blog I follow in various different ways. She has written several posts on tips for new bloggers which I am still working my way through!
  4. Link upWhen you start out blogging it can feel like you are a lone voice in a vast void. When you start reading other people’s blogs you can find similar voices. Quite often you will notice a badge at the bottom of the page. These are linkys that you can join in with. There are various rules, such as having to comment on a certain number of people’s posts and the hosts post, but if you like reading and writing, this isn’t a big problem! Often you find more blogs you want to follow! New links appear all the time and people will start inviting you to join in. @hotpinkwellies and @dearbearandbean are starting a new linky this week #sharingthebloglove which sounds like a great linky to join in with!
  5. Privacy. Write how you are comfortable. Do not feel you need to share personal details or photos of your family if you are not comfortable with it! Just because you are writing in a public place doesn’t mean you need to share intimate details. Feel free to write using just initials, referring to what people are (husband, son etc) instead of using names, or create pseudonyms. Just because your immediate friends and family will know who you are, doesn’t mean the whole world has to! Share as much as you are happy to.

So if you are new to it, welcome to the exciting and addictive world of blogging! However, if you are a blogging veteran please do share your advice, links to good tips pages and things that have helped you with your own page!

Left Holding The Baby

Today is a new sort of day for me, I have been left holding the baby! Although in the daytime that isn’t new, it’s tonight that it will be. My husband has gone away with work for the night. This is a new type of day for him too, it is the first time he has left our son over night. Yep, in the almost 9 months he has been alive my husband has not once left his side for the night. I cannot claim the same unfortunately. I am yet to leave my son voluntarily for the night, and in a manner which doesn’t involve failed negotiations, tears and sleepless nights in a hospital bed.

Now normally I am a bit nervous about being on my own, and in a way I still am. The only part of me that is slightly anxious is the part that is constantly worried about ending up back in hospital. Being the only adult in the house would mean a call to family/ambulance for additional help! Still, I keep trying to quiet those voices down. Ignoring those anxieties, I am actually pretty excited to be spending the night with my son! Even though we are having sleepless nights (sleep regression? Teeth? Tummy ache? Nightmares? I’ve actually given up guessing!) the fact that I get to see what it is like from “the other side” is just really exciting! My husband has been amazing at taking care of our son when I am not there (he’s pretty good at it when I am there too, but that’s not the point right now!) now it is my turn to make sure when he comes home we are both still smiling and in one piece!

I’ve made sure that I am spending today with friends, both for me and the boy, because I think some company is important so I don’t go completely bonkers without adult conversation (even if it is normally about food, poo and puke these days! Hahaha!) I will also get out and walk, even though the weather is decidedly dodgy today. It blows away the cobwebs, gives us both a change of scene and if it does rain, at least he finds the waterproof cover hilarious. I did the food shopping yesterday, love click and collect – think the Tesco app is so easy and clear to use! So no worrying about food and what we are going to eat. Dishwasher is done, so clean plates, and I put wash loads of yesterday, so clean clothes and bibs for the messy boy! I even managed a shower this morning before the husband left! I’m feeling pretty organised and like we are going on an adventure of our own.

I know I’ll be singing a different tune tomorrow, when I have watched every episode of Hey Duggee 43 times, have gone through all the clean clothes because of poonami’s and food spillages, used every plate for very messy BLW meal times, have food in my hair, been drowned in the rain and been up all night with a sad sleepless boy………but that’s the future’s problem!! Right now, the boy is napping, and I am feeling full of love for this precious little man we created as he peacefully sleeps (for 5 minutes!)

How have you coped being left with the baby? Any tips or tricks for night time survival?


The List Of What I Missed

Ok, so I’ve had a bit of a break. I have been stressing out about many things, which have taken my attention away from blogging. This week was also yet another nightmare as I ended up back in A&E and admitted to the ACU ward….again. I was in the bed diagonally opposite where I had been admitted at Christmas and it just showed how much further I need to go mentally to recover. My admission this time was because of AF – so basically my heart was beating incredibly fast and not in a proper rhythm. It feels very uncomfortable and terrifying! It required a lot more tests (check out my Instagram page to see the bruises after!) and in the end the administration of a drug to get my heart into a proper rhythm. I am glad it worked, because the next step was to send an electrical pulse through it!

Anywho, my husband and son were with me until 10:30pm, and once it became apparent that either I would be a few more hours, or kept in over night, we made the decision for them to go home. My heart broke all over again, once again I was being taken away from my boy and it was not by choice. I am yet to have a night away from him by choice, but it is so painful watching him go now that I don’t know when that would be. I know it would be healthy for me and my husband, but it is a source of anxiety for me now. So, on my own, with a completely dead phone, I decided to use the notepad in my bag to doodle or write to distract myself. Turns out there was a list I made over Christmas still in there about basically the things I missed. It was a list of all the things I wanted to do when I got home, and they still held true!

  1. Hug my son
  2. Hug my husband
  3. Have a cup of tea
  4. Have a bath
  5. Have some cake – the nice chocolate pudding (I remember it well, it was nice!)
  6. Wash my hair
  7. Eat some nice food
  8. Pictures of my boy everywhere

In the darkest of times it boils down to this for me, love and….well….food!! I’ll keep that list to remind me on the days when I am stressing that the house needs cleaning, or that the bins need emptying, or the garden needs sorting etc etc etc that actually these are the things that matter.

What would be on your list? What would you be missing?