The Gruffalo

A Mum took a stroll through the deep, dark wood, she came across a book, and the book was good!


I thought I would start on a cracking book! If you are just starting your collection of picture books to share with your child, I have to massively recommend this one! It has been a favourite of my nieces and the classes I’ve taught. Julia Donaldson’s knack for creating clever rhyming books is fantastic, this one in particular has a wonderful story line which has children wanting to hear it over and over. They are able to join in with the familiar rhyming parts and love it if you create voices for the different characters. Teaming up with Axel Schoffler’s wonderful drawings, this book will be a family favourite.

In this story a mouse goes on a rather interesting journey. He is interrupted several times by characters who would rather like him to come round for food (or be the food!!) Mouse is too clever and finds a way to trick them all…..although in the end Mouse gets a shock himself!

There are plenty of activities you can do based around this story, if you would like to extend the interest. The mouse talks a lot about the Gruffalo’s favourite foods, (scrambled snake – yum, yum!) this lends itself nicely to creating these ‘dishes’ in the kitchen, or coming up with your own recipes the Gruffalo might enjoy! You can also go on a walk looking for the Gruffalo, or create your own monster, using descriptive language to create a terrifying beast. Drawing and painting will bring the new character to life.


What did you think of the Gruffalo? What activities would you want to do? Which is your favourite children’s book?

8 thoughts on “The Gruffalo

  1. This is one of my absolute favourites and Evie’s too! And the Gruffalo’s Child too! Such fabulous books, I love that the mouse is so witty, he’s a great figure for children to learn from. You don’t have to be the biggest and the baddest, just the wittiest. xx

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