Victoria Sponge Birthday Cake

I love a good birthday cake, and this year we have a lot of important (big!) family birthday celebrations! This summer saw a big birthday celebration for my (step) Father in Law! After some discussion with my Mother in Law we settled on his favourite cake – a Victoria Sponge! I have never made a Victoria Sponge before, but I thought it turned out well! I used strawberries to decorate and thought it looked cute! Here is the recipe I followed if you fancy making your own!



  • 4 free-range eggs
  • 225g/8oz caster sugar, plus a little extra for dusting the finished cake
  • 225g/8oz self-raising flour
  • 2 tsp baking powder
  • 225g/8oz baking spread, margarine or soft butter at room temperature, plus a little extra to grease the tins.
  • Strawberries for decorating (plenty, so that you can ‘test’ some too!)

The filling:

  • 100g butter, softened
  • 140g icing sugar, sifted
  • drop vanilla extract (optional)
  • half a 340g jar good-quality strawberry jam


  1. Preheat oven to 190c. Butter two 20cm sandwich tins (in hindsight, lining them with baking paper would be a good idea!) In a large bowl, beat all the cake ingredients together until you have a smooth, soft batter.
  2. Split the mixture between the two tins, remember to smooth the surface. Then bake for about 20 mins until golden and the cake springs back when pressed. Turn onto a cooling rack and leave to cool completely (mine ended up with a crossing pattern on the top from the rack, so I’ve still not worked out 100% the best way to cool the cake!)
  3. For the filling, beat the butter until smooth and creamy, then gradually beat in icing sugar. Beat in vanilla extract if you’re using it. Spread the butter cream over the bottom of one of the sponges, top it with jam and sandwich the second sponge on top.
  4. Use some of the buttercream to stick strawberries to the top of the cake in a pattern (I went for a circle around the edge) Then dust with a little icing sugar before serving.

As a side note, it didn’t travel so well because I hadn’t let in cool enough (ahh time, that precious commodity!!) so it ended up arriving with the top half mostly slid off!! Hahaha! Oh well, I mashed it back together and I’m told it tasted lovely! Thank goodness I have an understanding family!! 🙂

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